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Small Trades Answering

Are you looking for fewer interruptions
when on the road or servicing customers?

You need phone help that you can trust.

Genie Receptionists can free up your time by answering your calls exactly the way you want and handling all routine messages and requests. We announce all-important calls and you decide if you want to take them or not. Messages are sent to you either by email, text, voicemail or fax. Only speak with the callers you want to and never take another call that wastes your time!

improve your business with a two week no risk free trial

Our Clients Say It Best…

“I want all of our calls to be answered live 100% of the time, and the Front Office receptionists do a wonderful job for us. They not only help us grow by transferring all new business calls, but they also help prevent loss of business by transferring client emergency calls directly to a tech that can help them right away.  And as a bonus, I’ll never have to speak with a solicitation call ever again!”

— Jennifer Bishop, Cool Pools, Roseville
(Client 11 years)

“I have peace of mind knowing that I can be out of the office and not worry about missing calls and losing potential business… the receptionists are so much more personal and professional than a traditional answering service, it’s like having another person here in the office!”

— Tom Slofkosky, National Date Stamp, sales and repair (Client 8 years)