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More than an answering service!

Live Answer, Live Transfer, Messaging and More!

Genie Receptionist can help when you are working solo
and want your phones professionally answered!

insurance agents working in office, click to email

When your assistant is busy with another client.

attorney people

We answer as if we were sitting in your office!

Financial industry professionals, click to email.

Your calls are answered with confidence and competence.

Computer Tech working on machine, click to email us

We can forward calls or send detailed messages.

receptionist with headset

Our philosophy is to keep things small and personal. 

  • We develop strong personal and professional relationships with our clients and our clients’ customers.
  • We give “extra mile service” in everything we do so that we are perceived by our clients as an indispensable part of their business success.
  • We are a small business that serves small business. We get it.  I hope you give us a try!

“When we lost our office employee, between answering the phone and getting the office work done I could never leave the office until after 5:00 pm. Now Front Office Staff takes all of the calls and directs them to the right person in our company leaving me free to focus on the daily administrative tasks. I now have time to work on special projects and even leave early some days!”

Mary Bixler
Aquaperfect Sacramento, Client 10 years

“Front Office is an extension of our team. I like that potential and existing clients will always reach a live voice that is pleasant and professional.  New prospects looking for a quote are important calls, and the receptionists know to find someone on our staff immediately to make sure we don’t miss that opportunity.”

Ken Smalley
Farmers Insurance Agent, Client 7 years

“The receptionists at FOS are professional, courteous and go above and beyond to make sure our callers are taken care of.  We have been very pleased with their service and trust them with our business.  I would recommend them highly to everyone.”

Tina Echols
Schultz Redmond Law Group, Client 10 years

We want to be an extension of your business.

You determine how your calls are answered!

I hope you get all of the information you need to decide if we are a good fit to help your company.
Fred Lowenstein, Owner

In 2005 I was a sole proprietor trying to run a small business.  As many of you know, it is difficult  to do quoting, invoicing, ordering, bookkeeping, state and federal filing requirements, and provide the service to new and existing customers that brings in the revenue.  I had no time, was always behind, and was running myself ragged.

I ran into a few other business owners that were using the same professional answering service and they suggested that I give them try.  I was reluctant as I didn’t want to give up control, but after several weeks I knew it was exactly what I needed.  I took the important calls, non-essential calls went to voice mail and I had uninterrupted time to focus on paperwork. My business improved, my productivity soared and I finally felt I could take a breath.

If you are old enough to remember Victor Kiam and his famous commercial “I liked the shaver so much I bought the company”, that is what happened to me.  After two years I bought the rights to open a center in Citrus Heights and we have been growing and improving the business for over 10 years.